Poster Design–Global Giving Market

Through a Service Learning opportunity, our class created posters for an event Anne Arundel Community College holds each year, called the Global Giving Market. This year is the 15th year the event has been held and it focuses on fair trade artisanship. One person’s poster design will be chosen to be the advertisement material.

First, we created handdrawn thumbnails of six ideas of posters.

After receiving feedback, I selected two to make into comps. Part of the client request was using the marketing colors. Although I did incorporate them in the second comp, they are not obvious enough and the gradient background, while fun, is not a strong decision. Thus, I decided to further edit the blue and red comp.

After receiving additional feedback, I changed the font and added in some images of products that have been sold at the market in the past, and switched the logo and fine print to the left side. I also added a light texture to the background.

For the multimedia piece, I included the informational paragraph, logisitcal details, and slogan as well as two images. I did not include the texture in the multimedia piece, but based upon feedback it would have made it a stronger piece. Overall, I’m happy with how the poster turned out and wish my classmates luck for whose poster is chosen!

Published by nisbda01

I'm a rising senior at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania majoring in Psychology and Studio Art and minoring in Civil War Era Studies. This is a compilation of digital projects I am working on this summer.

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