Artist Portrait

To further hone Photoshop skills, we were asked to select a fine artist, some examples of his/her artwork, and then manipulate a portrait of the artist to resemble their style. I chose Wayne Thiebaud, who I studied in my undergraduate painting course. Thiebaud says he is not a pop artist, but his work depicts the “Americanness” of every day objects like cakes, ice cream, cones and dessert trays. His style is characterized with thicker brushstrokes, strong shadows, and creamy color schemes.

Wayne Thiebaud

The three works of his I chose were “Dessert Tray,” “Girl with Ice Cream Cone,” and “Cake Rows.” The Girl helped me see how he handled human subjects while the other two are more typical of his best known works.

I wanted to include his cake rows in some way, so I decided to select one piece of cake and make the background of his portrait like a wallpaper. Some of my classmates suggested that I could have made it a pattern on his sweater, so that is another potential. I also used an oil paint filter to create brush strokes across the image and inlcluded some black outlines around the body similarly to how Thiebaud handled his own human subjects. The outlines were mildly successful, but using a laptop without a mouse made it hard to be very precise with the thin line. I also chose to map out specific color portions of his face to flatten the colors, and while I’m unsure how I would do it differently, it’s the weakest aspect of this piece.

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I'm a rising senior at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania majoring in Psychology and Studio Art and minoring in Civil War Era Studies. This is a compilation of digital projects I am working on this summer.

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